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CET (CoinEx Token)
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CET CoinEx Token
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50 CET
Total Airdrop Amount
5,000,000 CET
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1. CET - A Value-added Services Privileges Scheme
CoinEx Token (CET) is a value-added services & privileges scheme based on CoinEx’s business ecosystem, operating on our self-innovated CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC, coinex.org) acting as gas. CSC, Born for Open Financial Based on PoS consensus protocol, CoinEx Smart Chain is decentralized and energy-efficient. CSC makes it easy to build your own decentralized applications. · Full EVM compatibility: DApps on Ethereum can be directly migrated to CSC. · Permission-free and decentralized: Supporting up to 101 nodes based on the ranking of staked CET. · High performance with low fees: Block generating in seconds with extremely low transaction fees. CET, A Promising Rising Star · CET can be deducted directly as trading fees with the same market value with 30%-off fees discounts. · Users with a certain amount of CET holding can obtain VIP membership, enjoy up to 0.1% Spot fees, exclusive customer service and other privileges. VIP users are also entitled to special qualifications for promotional campaigns on CoinEx. · According to the applications of CET, CoinEx will repurchase and burn CET every day with 50% of its transaction fee income, and burn all the CET repurchased monthly at the end of each month until the total supply of CET reduces to 3 billion. When the “3 billion” target is achieved, CoinEx will continue to use 20% of its fee income for CET repurchase and burning until CET is completely burned.
2. CoinEx - The Global Cryptocurrency Exchange
Founded in December 2017, CoinEx is a global and professional cryptocurrency exchange service provider. With our proprietary trade matching system and excellent user experience, we are dedicated to building a highly secure, stable and efficient cryptocurrency exchange for global users. Currently, we support 15 languages, provide global trading services in 200+ countries/regions and support crypto buying and selling services of 60+ fiat currencies by third-party payment partners. · Trade with quality innovative assets: Professional and responsible, CoinEx has established scientific and comprehensive listing criteria when it comes to selecting up-and-coming quality blockchain trading varieties. CoinEx will bring more cryptocurrency trading choices with good investment potential to its users. · Trace all transaction records in all-time dimensions: With clear asset classification and thorough cryptocurrency information, CoinEx not only supports viewing crypto prices and circulating market cap in all-time dimensions, but also allows users to view transaction records on all dates under their accounts, sorting incomes and expenses accordingly. · PNL analysis at a glance: By activating the "PNL Analysis" function, users can analyze daily transaction data and view the profit and loss of the accounts collectively or separately; With CoinEx's original analysis algorithms on transaction statistics and position profit and loss, the statistic summary will be systematically conducted on asset trend, cumulative income, daily income, rate of return and other data in weekly, monthly, quarterly and other dimensions. · Exclusive mining promotions: CoinEx's exclusive mining promotions include Stake Mining, MM (Market-Making) mining, Trade-driven Mining and Ask&Bid Mining. By simple operations such as staking assets, injecting liquidity, participating in transactions and submitting orders, users can share considerable rewards with low risk. · Automated Market Making (AMM): All users can join the liquidity pool to become a market maker by providing assets of no less than USD $200, and sharing 50%-100% of the market’s transaction fee as dividends. · High referral rewards: Refer friends to trade on CoinEx and share up to 40% of the transaction fee as referral rewards with your friends! You can also get up to 50% of high referral rebate (USDT settlement) by becoming a CoinEx Ambassador.
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