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DNX Listing Bonus: Join Airdrop and Trading Ranking to Share $9,000 DNX
CoinEx Announcement
Last update: 3 month(s) ago

Dear CoinEx users,


To provide you with more trading options, after rigorous reviews, CoinEx will list DNX (Dynex) on March 5, 2024 (UTC). The details are as follows.


List Time

1. Deposit: 07:00 on Mar 5 (UTC)
2. Withdrawal: 07:00 on Mar 5 (UTC)
3. Trading pair: DNX/USDT
4. Opening method: Call Auction
    a. Call Auction
        07:00-09:50 Mar 5 (UTC)                               
        Orders can be placed and canceled

        09:50-10:00 Mar 5 (UTC)
        Orders can be placed but cannot be canceled
    b. Trading
        10:00 Mar 5 (UTC)


About DNX

The Dynex platform is capable of performing quantum computing based algorithms without limitations, significantly accelerating machine learning training, optimizing feature selection and improving model accuracy.


It also addresses optimization challenges faced by Fin-Tech, Pharmaceutical, Genomics, Smart Cities and Global-2000 companies.


Dynex represents an neuromorphic computing platform, built upon an adaptable blockchain system. Comprising of collaborating miners, this decentralized neuromorphic supercomputing network excels in executing calculations with unparalleled speed and efficiency, surpassing quantum computing limitations.

Learn more about DNX >>


The details of the “DNX Listing Bonus: Join Airdrop and Trading Ranking to Share $9,000 DNX” promotion are as follows.

Learn and Earn 4,000 DNX Airdrop

1. Duration: 08:00 on Mar 5 - 08:00 on Mar 7, 2024 (UTC)

2. Rules:

Airdrop Type

Lucky Airdrop

Total Reward

4,000 DNX

Single Reward


To Be Rewarded

2,000 Participants


Total Asset Value> 200 USD


3. How to participate
(1) Go to the promotion page: Read and study the project introduction carefully.
(2) Claim your lucky number: Users who meet the participation requirements and answer all questions correctly can claim a lucky number during the promotion. When the promotion is ended, 2,000 lucky numbers will be drawn systematically and randomly.
(3) Allocation: After claiming, your airdrop reward will be systematically frozen in the Spot account for 1 day. Please refer to the promotion page for the specific time.

Click HERE to learn more about CoinEx Airdrop



Join Trading Volume Ranking, 8,000 DNX For Grabs

1. Duration: 10:00 on Mar 5 - 10:00 on Mar 12, 2024 (UTC)

2. Rules: 
During the promotion, users who trade in the DNX/USDT market with a trading value > 200 USD equivalent of DNX can join the ranking, and will share 8,000 DNX rewards. The specific reward distribution is as follows.



Reward per user (DNX

Total reward (DNX)


700 700


400 400


200 600


120 600


70 2,800


30 1,500

Split evenly among all other qualified users 





3. How to participate
(1) Apply for the promotion:
 · Web: Click [Promotion] - [CoinEx Tradeboard] on the navigation bar, enter the promotion page and click [Apply Now].
 · App: Tap [Tradeboard] on the [Home] page, enter the promotion page and tap [Apply Now].
(2) Trade at least 200 USD equivalent of DNX to join the ranking.
(3) Reward allocation: The reward will be allocated in 7 business days after the promotion.

4. Notes of Participation
(1) The rewards will be shared by the ranking in Spot trading volume. Cumulative trading volume = Buying volume + Selling volume in all selected markets during the promotion. Please note that the trading volume of self-matching orders will not be counted. 
(2) Market Making accounts are not included in this event.
(3) FAQ About Spot Trading Volume Ranking




About Automated Market Making (AMM)

AMM is supported for the DNX/USDT market. CoinEx AMM allows every user to become a market maker. By adding liquidity to the liquidity pool, users can share 50% of the trading fees earned in this market. The fee dividends are calculated daily. Learn about AMM >>


Risk Reminder
Crypto products are innovative investment products with large price fluctuations as well as high investment risks. Therefore, please evaluate and invest wisely based on your risk tolerance and financial resources.


CoinEx reserves the final interpretation of this announcement.

CoinEx Team
Mar 5, 2024


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