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CoinEx 2023 Year In Review: Upgraded Asset Security System, Enhanced Brand Value, and Specialized Services for Global Users

2024-01-17 06:59:45

As a globally recognized cryptocurrency exchange, CoinEx has seen continuous growth and maintained active involvement at the forefront of the cryptocurrency industry over a remarkable six years. The year 2023 marked a pivotal and transformative period for CoinEx, as the company weathered challenges against the backdrop of a prolonged market downturn. Undeterred by the volatility and the decline in market liquidity, the CoinEx team focused on user experience and diligently constructed an all-new CoinEx ecosystem with a full suite of products. With this goal, the CoinEx team enhanced the asset security system, improved the business matrix, and enhanced the user experience, asset security, and overall brand value.

In 2023, CoinEx accumulated over 5 million registered users from 200+ countries and regions. Catering to this ever-growing and diverse clientele, CoinEx now supports 16 languages for users worldwide. In the past year, CoinEx remained dedicated to discovering industry hotspots, quality and innovative projects, and adhering to the strategy of listing "good, fast, and comprehensive" coins to relentlessly improve asset operations. As of now, CoinEx has strategically supported over 800 cryptocurrencies and 1200+ trading pairs, meeting the diverse investment needs of global users.

CoinEx has remained steadfast in upholding the value proposition of its native token, CET (CoinEx Token) through implementing daily repurchases and monthly burn policies, using 20% of the daily transaction fee revenue for CET repurchases. As of January 1, 2024, CoinEx successfully repurchased and burned CET tokens worth over $230 million in value. 

All-New Upgraded Asset Security System to Safeguard User Assets

Since its establishment in 2017, CoinEx has consistently maintained a 100% reserve ratio, upholding its dedication to providing a secure and transparent trading environment. In December 2022, when the cryptocurrency market was turbulent and faced a crisis of trust, CoinEx introduced the "Merkle Tree" audit method as proof of reserves, making it one of the early pioneers among cryptocurrency trading platforms to fully disclose its reserves publicly. In 2023, CoinEx routinely updates and publicly discloses on-chain asset information to foster a clear understanding of the platform's operation and enhance transparency, thereby boosting user confidence. Users can be assured that their assets are always effectively protected on CoinEx.

Recognizing the importance of user asset security, CoinEx steadfastly upgraded its asset security system, focusing on asset management, wallet management, and risk control management throughout 2023. Over time, CoinEx's security team developed robust offline storage systems, multi-signature, and multi-backup solutions, and implemented comprehensive security emergency plans. These measures further demonstrate that user security is the utmost priority for CoinEx. CoinEx adopted more sophisticated mechanisms, such as multi-location storage backup of crucial information, multi-signature authorization management, and regular device security checks to strike a balance between convenience and security when managing your assets.

In parallel, CoinEx has established CoinEx Shield Fund, allocating a portion of the platform’s transaction fee to safeguard user assets in the face of unforeseen risk incidents. Through collaborations with esteemed third-party security institutions, including SlowMist, to further enhance protection for user assets, CoinEx continues to emphasize its secure and reliable trading environment for global crypto investors.

Acutely Focused on Products and Services, Delivering Specialized Services to Global Users​​

In 2023, CoinEx made more than 100 significant product optimizations and service upgrades. The platform does not only relentlessly make cryptocurrency asset trading easier but also aims to provide more professional and seamless services to global users.

A testament to CoinEx's determination to provide an abundance of specialized offerings, one of CoinEx's most significant 2023 product updates includes introducing the "Strategic Trading" function, empowering professional traders with two intelligent investment modes: "Spot Grid" and "Auto-Invest Plan." On the other hand, with novice investors in mind, CoinEx also established a dedicated "Newbie Zone." With enticing rewards and periodic issuance of vouchers throughout stages of registration, deposit, and trading, CoinEx hopes to foster an encouraging trading environment for beginner users that is full of perks. 

To further diversify innovative investment options for users, CoinEx introduced the "Crypto Loans" function, enabling users to secure USDT loans by collateralizing assets such as BTC, ETH, and LTC with an initial LTV of up to 75%, fast arrival, and high repayment flexibility. Furthermore, CoinEx unveiled new features like Special Treatment (ST) rules, Futures Opening Take-Profit and Stop-Loss, and Futures Pyramiding Auto-Settlement, facilitating users to filter risky tokens and enhance trading efficiency.

While continually improving its product offerings, CoinEx undertook substantial service upgrades in 2023. The platform underwent comprehensive reconstruction and enhancement of referral rewards, market-making systems, and ambassador referral privileges. By optimizing products, adjusting account structures with flexibility, and refining technical frameworks, CoinEx continues to grow as a highly professional, secure, and efficient cryptocurrency asset trading platform for users.

With improved market conditions and the increase in fiat channels, CoinEx organized multiple zero-fee buying and selling coin events, deposit rebates, and other deposit and withdrawal benefits activities in 2023. These initiatives drastically enhanced the user experience with deposits and withdrawals. CoinEx meticulously reviewed the trading markets within its platform, promptly adding, adjusting, and delisting projects and trading pairs that failed to meet the platform's rigorous standards to maintain a healthy trading environment and optimize user experience.

CoinEx’s Tireless Efforts in Expanding Its Ecosystem with Enhanced Brand Value and Strategy

Committed to enhancing its brand value and elevating the brand’s exposure across the globe, CoinEx launched the Global Broker Program and Creator Program in 2023, driving collaboration and mutual empowerment between various industry groups. While introducing the CoinEx Insight SNS channel and delivering industry insights and market analysis from a seasoned perspective, we remain steadfast in our devotion to content development. Beyond real-time tracking of the blockchain and cryptocurrency's hottest topics, CoinEx has also tirelessly expanded its localized informational services in diverse language regions.

In 2023, CoinEx sponsored 41 events, including well-known blockchain conferences such as Bitcoin 2023, Token 2049, and Digital Assets Summit, spanning over 200 countries and regions. CoinEx was also proudly invited to and attended various industry events, including the Philippines Investment Conference, Web3 Cebu Meetup, and CityHood Anniversary.

As the official non-profit charity arm, CoinEx Charity actively engages in charitable activities, focusing on the most vulnerable groups worldwide. Our unyielding compassion lies in humanitarian aid, human development, education, poverty alleviation, emergency rescues, and the provision of free medical services. Last year, CoinEx Charity coordinated a total of 46 charitable initiatives in collaboration with renowned organizations and governments, spanning 44 challenging areas globally. These endeavors have positively impacted over 40,000 individuals, with an outreach exceeding a staggering 90 million.

CoinEx's ecological layout includes​​ an exchange, wallet, public chain, and charity initiatives. As CoinEx remains consistent and determined to put its users and their experiences at the forefront, CoinEx is committed to continuously improving its infrastructure and ecosystem for its diverse user base worldwide, hopeful of joining forces with more cryptocurrency enthusiasts along the way. 

In 2024, momentous events like the Bitcoin halving, Bitcoin ETF, and the Ethereum Cancun upgrade may act as catalysts for a new wave of market trends. Looking to the dynamic year ahead, CoinEx will adhere to its core mission, amplify ecosystem development, attentively address user needs, fortify the security of user assets, and optimize the overall product experience. We aspire to empower more crypto users to seize market opportunities and assist new users in exploring the rapidly changing cryptocurrency world, all while promoting the continuous growth and development of the industry.

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