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Brand Day Special Bonus: Apr 24, Call Dibs on CoinEx and Buy SOL with 50% Off!

CoinEx Announcement
Last update: 3 month(s) ago

Dear CoinEx Users,


On Apr 24, we will be hosting our 4th Brand Day special event: Buy SOL with 50% off!


CoinEx's 4th Brand Day Event: Buy SOL with 50% off!


1. Duration: 2024-04-24 8:00 - 2024-04-28 8:00 (UTC), 4 days in total.

2. Rules:


CoinEx Dibs


Lucky Draw

Total subscriptions

75 SOL

Amount per slot

0.05 SOL


50% Off


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3. Qualification: Only users who meet the subscription requirements can participate in the lucky draw.
4. Reward allocation:

(1) Users who have won the lucky draw and have not triggered risk control will get their subscribed tokens/coins, and the asset will be allocated to the spot account.

(2) Users with unsuccessful subscriptions will receive their refunds.

(3) For more details, please see Introduction to CoinEx Dibs >>

5. Sub-accounts alone are not qualified for the event.

6. Cheating behaviors such as mass registration of alternate accounts are prohibited in this event. Once detected, participation eligibility will be canceled immediately.

7.  CoinEx reserves the right of final interpretation of this event.



About CoinEx Dibs

Users who meet the requirements can take part in CoinEx Dibs events, subscribing to a fixed quantity of cryptos at a discounted price, after successful participation in the lucky draw.

Learn more about CoinEx Dibs >>>


About CoinEx Brand Day

The 24th holds special significance for CoinEx – it marks the day when CoinEx came into existence on December 24, 2017. Today, we're stepping into our 7th year of empowering users worldwide. Starting in 2024, we've decided to dub each month's 24th our "CoinEx Brand Day." As time unfolds, we hope to spend this day with you, celebrating the special connection it has brought us.


Please click the below links for more event details: 

Feel free to create or join discussions under hashtag #24thWithCoinEx  >>>

Join our Telegram group now and start creating amazing content >>>


A heartfelt thank you for being with us every step of the way. Let's witness the growth and progress of CoinEx together. May CoinEx always be your companion on this exciting crypto journey, making the 24th a day of joyous beginnings.


CoinEx Team

Apr 23, 2024

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